What is gelato

Originally the word Gelato comes from the Latin word “gelátus”, which means frozen.
In Italian language, the word Gelato means cream. Our Gelato base is made only from milk without cream and has a very creamy and soft consistence. Another big difference is the way to mix and the way to freeze the base. Gelato is mixed much more slowly than ice cream, which means that Gelato contains far less air (only 25-35%) than traditional ice cream (65% air). This means that Gelato gets much more compact in consistency. Gelato is frozen by a higher temperature than traditional ice cream and hereby the Gelato gets a much softer and silky texture.

6 great reasons to eat Gelato:

  1. Gelato is low fat. Gelato has only 2-9% fat, while the traditional ice cream has 18-30% fat.
  2. Gelato has an air content of only 25-35%, while traditional ice cream has up to 65% air content.
  3. Gelato has half the calories you find in ice cream.
  4. Generally, no artificial flavoring or ingredients are used to make Gelato.
  5. Gelato is gluten-free. Even diabetics can consume Gelato in moderate amounts. This is because the sugars used are largely in the form of saccharose (glucose and fructose).
  6. Gelato contains high levels of protein, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus. These are necessary for good health.